HTC Touch Diamond 2 user experience (with actual photos) by Fabnomena

Although I have been really hyped up about the HTC Hero this week, when I first started this site a couple of weeks ago, it was dedicated to finding an HTC Touch Diamond 2 through Orange UK at a good price. However, it was difficult to find actual user reviews of the phone anywhere aside from the blurb about the ‘amazing’ specifications. - Screenshot

I came across a post on Fabnomena recently, simply titled “ A Great Phone – HTC Touch Diamond2” where Thorsten, the author and owner of the site, wrote a little about his experience of using the phone.

He has just posted actual photos taken using the Touch Diamond 2 and I have to say I am actually quite impressed (the food looks scrumptious!) and in his words:

All over I would say that this is a VERY VERY good phone, the best I’ve had to date.

You can see all the photos by visiting “ A Great Phone – HTC Touch Diamond2” and also read more about what he thinks.

After reading Thorsten‘s post, I am now uber keen about the Touch Diamond 2 all over again as the camera is an important feature for my next phone. Now I just need to find out how much time it takes to actually take a photo. 🙂

p/s: The Touch Diamond2 is still not available directly via Orange UK, although they recently announced that the HTC Touch Pro2 will be available for business customers.