Samsung Jet S8000 available from Orange UK soon

After all the hype about the HTC Hero launching in early July via the Orange UK Shop, it turns out that Orange will also be releasing Samsung‘s newest flagship phone: Samsung Jet S8000!

You can read an extremely detailed 13-page review of the Samsung Jet S8000 at (with plenty of photos) by Gareth Beavis, which is very complimentary about the phone in general, highlighting the extra bells and whistles that is the  a. dual flash and b. 3.5mm headphone jack, although apparently the ‘plasticky’ feel of the phone makes it seem cheap. The final verdict was that some tweaks would have made it a much better phone,  but it will suit people who like their phones to *work* and are on a bit of a budget.

No details yet as to what contract you’ll need to get this phone for FREE from Orange UK, but as Vodafone are offering the phone free from a mere £20 per month upwards on a 24 month contract (or £4o per month for a 12 month) hopefully Orange will be offering something similar.