HTC Hero to be launched by Orange in early July!

It’s official! The Orange newsroom made the announcement today that they are (finally) launching HTC Hero in July!

The phone will be available for free on selected monthly price plans (they quoted £ 39.15 per month on a 24 month contract in the press release) and will be the first of several ‘Android’ smartphones to grace the Orange UK portfolio.

For t £ 39.15 per month, your deal will include:

  • 1200 any network call minutes
  • unlimited texts
  • inclusive anytime internet browsing so users can make the most out of their mobile experience

Aside from the rather long contract (and slightly high cost for me) I think it sounds pretty attractive!

Orange UK will be offering ‘Graphite’ exclusively in the UK (T-mobile will be launching the same phone as G1 Touch and in black for the same sort of contract) and you can catch a first look at the HTC Hero by visiting TechRadar’s “Hands on: HTC Hero review“;  they’ve given it a glowing review so far (especially the UI – User Interface) but have asked us to look out for an upcoming ‘in-depth’ review where they will see if the camera is as good as the 5MP on the tin.

Do you think you’ll be tempted? I’m starting to think this might be a great alternative to my preferred HTC Diamond 2, especially with the in-built 3.5 mm headphone jack. Still no news from Orange about the latter though, but if the camera is as powerful as the Diamond 2,  I’ll be joining you in checking out the HTC Hero in the Orange Shop in early July!