Lack of new HTC models through Orange Shop direct

So I rang up Orange UK today via the usual 150 customer service hotline, all geared up and ready to ask them: what contract can thou offer me if I so desireth the HTC Diamond 2?

A lovely Scottish lady by the name of Fiona took the call and she advised me that unfortunately Orange were not able to offer this phone directly. “Ooh,” I said, but “some of those 3rd party people seem to be able to offer the phone with Orange?”

She very patiently explained that whilst Orange would still be the service provider, the 3rd party companies could provide the ‘equipment’ and Orange would still treat the customers the same.

Fiona added that ‘the only HTC phones we have at the moment is the HTC Touch 3G and the HTC Diamond Original‘; I mentioned that the Touch HD seemed to have been discontinued, and she replied that the Upgrade Team had no idea why either.

Apparently their online training manual – which is updated weekly – also has no mention of any new HTC phones coming up either.

So the only way to get the HTC Diamond 2 with an Orange UK contract at the moment is via a 3rd party site like Carphone Warehouse, which Fiona recommended I should look at.