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    HTC Hero in graphite – listed as ‘Coming Soon’ on Orange UK 

    Orange UK have finally listed the HTC Hero (in graphite) on their website!


    As noted in our previous post, the HTC Hero will be available for FREE on a 24-month contract at a cost of £39.15 per month.

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    HTC Hero to be launched by Orange in early July! 

    It’s official! The Orange newsroom made the announcement today that they are (finally) launching HTC Hero in July!

    The phone will be available for free on selected monthly price plans (they quoted £ 39.15 per month on a 24 month contract in the press release) and will be the first of several ‘Android’ smartphones to grace the Orange UK portfolio.

    For t £ 39.15 per month, your deal will include:

    • 1200 any network call minutes
    • unlimited texts
    • inclusive anytime internet browsing so users can make the most out of their mobile experience

    Aside from the rather long contract (and slightly high cost for me) I think it sounds pretty attractive!

    Orange UK will be offering ‘Graphite’ exclusively in the UK (T-mobile will be launching the same phone as G1 Touch and in black for the same sort of contract) and you can catch a first look at the HTC Hero by visiting TechRadar’s “Hands on: HTC Hero review“;  they’ve given it a glowing review so far (especially the UI – User Interface) but have asked us to look out for an upcoming ‘in-depth’ review where they will see if the camera is as good as the 5MP on the tin.

    Do you think you’ll be tempted? I’m starting to think this might be a great alternative to my preferred HTC Diamond 2, especially with the in-built 3.5 mm headphone jack. Still no news from Orange about the latter though, but if the camera is as powerful as the Diamond 2,  I’ll be joining you in checking out the HTC Hero in the Orange Shop in early July!

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    HTC Hero due out with Orange in July? 

    Still nothing in Orange UK‘s mobile shop window about the HTC Hero, but if the BBC are mentioning it – specifically Rory Cellan-Jones on the dot.life blog – then I’m guessing it is true that HTC Hero will be with Orange UK soon.

    And to back this up, Unwired View has not only provided us with the first live pictures of HTC Hero courtesy of  Mobile Review (Russian) and GSM Helpdesk (Dutch), it has also said that Orange UK will be the first provider of the phone, which will potentially be due out in early July!

    Here’s one of the photos of the Hero from GSM Helpdesk to whet your appetite:

    p/s: In case you’re interested, Cellan-Jones, the BBC’s technology correspondent, compared the Nokia N97 with the iPhone 3gs in what he called “Battle of the smartphones” earlier this month, where it turns out neither are really that perfect. Hopefully he’ll compare more smartphones (such as the Palm Pre and HTC Hero) in future articles, as I am really starting to wonder if I should opt for a smartphone instead of the HTC Touch Diamond 2?

    p/s: The HTC Touch Pro 2 has finally made it’s way to Orange UK via the Business Shop!

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    Nokia N97… not available through Orange UK either 

    Chatted with some fellow Orange UK customers yesterday and it turns out that the Nokia N97 – touted as another serious iPhone 3gs contender  (along with the HTC Touch Pro 2) – is also, like the Touch Pro 2 and HTC Diamond 2, not available directly through Orange either!

    What’s going on?

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    Orange UK’s Dolphin 20 SIM only package 

    Seeing as it’s quite unlikely that Orange UK will have either the HTC Diamond 2 or any new Android phones out anytime soon, I have decided to take the plunge and do one of the things I set out to do in the first place:

    reduce my monthly contract phone bill from £ 30 to £ 25 or less

    I had never really considered SIM only packages prior to this, and a colleague of mine mentioned that they have some hefty charges if you go over the limits of the package.

    Taking any SIM only Dolphin package as an example: it costs a whopping 24.5p per minute Orange-to-Orange/Landlines, but surprisingly only 19.6p per minute to other mobile networks; compared to 19.6p per minute for Orange-to-Orange on a standard monthly contract) – a difference of 5p, but percentage wise, that’s a 25% difference!

    In addition to this, although going on a SIM only package does not ‘break’ your length of service with Orange (in my case 7 years plus), you cannot have Magic Numbers and you also lose out on any ‘extras’ that you might have accrued from the ‘old’ contract. Out of my current ‘bundles’ displayed below, the only item of significance:

    • 3G USIM provisioned
    • Web 250textforlife promo
    • OW Daily Capped Usage

    is the Web 250textforlife. My understanding was that it meant 250 texts for life whilst I was with Orange; Chris, the helpful Scottish man from the Orange SIM only department (I think) who I spoke to today said it was only for the ‘old’ contracts.

    An extra downside that he mentioned was that that you cannot upgrade within the first 3 months of a SIM only package; apparently – you ‘can’ sign a new contract but you can’t retain your number!  Terribly poo, but in the end, lured by the promise of the Dolphin 20 package recommended by Chris as suited by my usage, I decided to leap into the SIM only world.

    So going back to the title of this post, Dolphin 20 offers:

    • 600 minutes Anytime, Any network (and Landlines)
    • Unlimited texts

    all for £ 20 inclusive of VAT on a rolling one month contract; I should add that I actually phoned up to ask about the Racoon packages for the Unlimited Landline offer, but this was a much better option, as according to Orange, I send in excess of 200 texts per month on average, and Racoon only offers 100 texts per standard package (would have cost an extra  £ 14.70 per extra 100 texts)

    So the upside is that you get a LOT of minutes for your money and Unlimited texts without being tied down to a long term contract. The downside is that you lose the ‘privileges’ earned through a continuous monthly contract, including a lack of Magic Numbers and any extras. Plus, you can’t upgrade without changing numbers in the first 3 months either.

    Will the SIM only be suitable for you? I think it will do for me, but we shall see.

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    HTC Hero (Android) coming exclusively to Orange UK? 

    According to Mobile Choice UK, it seems that Orange UK will finally be getting their very own ‘Android’ phone by the end of the year at the latest; this is backed up by a news article in ElectricPig who quoted Mobile Today as the news source.

    The code name for the new phone is HTC Hero and apparently it might be launched by HTC in London on 24th June 2009… or so the rumour goes, one source being TalkAndroid.

    Before deciding on the HTC Touch Diamond 2, I was seriously considering the HTC Magic or G1 (each being exclusive to Vodafone and T-Mobile respectively) as both are Android phones. However, apparently the battery life of the HTC Magic is just not very good and the camera on the HTC Touch Diamond 2 is far superior.

    So the news that HTC Hero might be launched very soon makes me wonder if I should switch to Orange SIM only first?  Some of the preview videos (like the one below courtesy of PhoneDog) look quite delectable:

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    Carphone Warehouse… what’s the catch for today? 

    If you’re looking for an HTC Diamond 2 through Orange, one of the third party sites recommended is Carphone Warehouse by Orange Customer Service.

    Having perused the deals today, the current ‘Best Deal’ advertised is a £40, 18 month Racoon deal with the following inclusive:

    • Free Phone
    • 900 minutes Anytime Any network
    • Unlimited Anytime Landline minutes
    • 500 Anytime Any network texts

    Sounds pretty ideal for someone willing to fork out £40 a month. Unfortunately I’m on a mission to reduce my standard bill from the current £30 to £25, whilst still retaining the same minutes.

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    Lack of new HTC models through Orange Shop direct 

    So I rang up Orange UK today via the usual 150 customer service hotline, all geared up and ready to ask them: what contract can thou offer me if I so desireth the HTC Diamond 2?

    A lovely Scottish lady by the name of Fiona took the call and she advised me that unfortunately Orange were not able to offer this phone directly. “Ooh,” I said, but “some of those 3rd party people seem to be able to offer the phone with Orange?”

    She very patiently explained that whilst Orange would still be the service provider, the 3rd party companies could provide the ‘equipment’ and Orange would still treat the customers the same.

    Fiona added that ‘the only HTC phones we have at the moment is the HTC Touch 3G and the HTC Diamond Original‘; I mentioned that the Touch HD seemed to have been discontinued, and she replied that the Upgrade Team had no idea why either.

    Apparently their online training manual – which is updated weekly – also has no mention of any new HTC phones coming up either.

    So the only way to get the HTC Diamond 2 with an Orange UK contract at the moment is via a 3rd party site like Carphone Warehouse, which Fiona recommended I should look at.

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    Hello visitors! 

    As an Orange UK customer for over 7 years, I have now reached the last month of my latest 18-month Orange UK pay monthly contract,  and having searched Google for new deals, it seemed like a good idea to write a Twitter-like blog about my experiences with getting a new phone and contract on my ideal terms with Orange.

    Hopefully it will be useful for other existing Orange UK customers! Comments are always appreciated. If you’d like to share your personal experience by writing a guest post, please contact me as well 🙂 I am sure I am not the only Orange UK customer who relies on the opinions and experiences of other customers to make decisions about new phones and contracts.

    p/s: I have my heart set on the HTC Diamond 2.

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